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Starting New

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

A new version of the same thing. I have owned ToothakerPhoto and the domain name for almost 20 years now. It has undergone changes along the way with my first site being a template site that quickly became outdated and then a WordPress site that was more elaborate but also more cumbersome. Now I have gone back to another template site that allows for quicker, easier updates whenever I wish. In the end I don't know how much it matters what platform you use as long as you find one that lets you express yourself.

I like to have a presence, large or small, here on-line. I believe it is necessary as a working photographer to showcase my work, but, on a more personal level, I find it is deeply fulfilling to share what I create, what I do, and some thoughts on how I see the world around me. Here in the digital age too much of our photography, our voice, gets stuck on hard drives and remains unseen. I think that that is both a shame and a tragedy. A significant part of my personal joy as a photographer stems from sharing what I create. Using my creative voice is something I cannot live without.

My goal, always, is to create images that represent how I feel about my subject. I will forever be a work in progress and those efforts, for better or worse, will be shared here.

Thank you for stopping by my little spot on the big world wide web.

I hope everyone has a great, safe, creative day!

Photograph What You Feel

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