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And Here We Are

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The year was about 1972 or so when I met this kid who lived one street over from me. I was out riding my bike and he was in front of his house hitting some plastic golf balls with what I believed to be a really cool set of plastic golf clubs. I stopped and invited myself to try out the front yard golfing. From that day on, about 50 years now, that kid and I have remained friends. Mike moved to New Jersey for his career many years ago, but we kept in touch here and there, but in the past several years we have kept in touch more via Facebook. Sadly, at first, much of that communication was prompted by Mike suffering too many personal tragedies in his family and with friends. Today, I am happy to say that the friendship has been rekindled in the past few years as his life took an energized, healthy, joyful new path. He met this woman, Jill, who herself was healing from personal loss and their togetherness is kinda like a whirlwind, this was meant to be, wonderful story that is now cemented in marriage. Mike and Jill got married on April 24th on a mountain in New York, at sunrise no less, in front of friends and family. I was proud to be there. I was proud to take some photos for them. I was proud to write something personal that was to be used in their wedding. So, here are some photos and here is what I wrote. Mike, I love you bud. You deserve this happiness. Jill, I love you too and you too deserve this. Here is to 50 more years for all of us.



For Mike and Jill

April 24, 2022

And Here We Are

John Muir said “how glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains”. And here we are. Every morning, without fail, the sun rises to signify the beginning of a new day. That sunrise, and that new day, shines on all of us; for all of us. Always. We must embrace every new day, that glorious greeting, for the many opportunities they hold. To be refreshed. To rejoice. To love.

Every morning, without fail, the sun rises and its light moves across the landscape illuminating everything that it touches. Including us. With that light both life and hope spring eternal. With that light there is warmth; better shared. And here we are.

Every morning, without fail, the sun rises above all; for all. At times its light is bright and bold; seen and felt. A beautiful day. At times its light is dim and cold; overcast or stormy. As beautiful of a day as we choose it to be. With every sunrise there is the possibility of a sunny day or a darker day. Understandingly, we must accept both for there will always be both. Regardless, at all times, the light of a new day is there to comfort and inspire us; consistent and faithful. Ours to feel. Ours to share. A glorious greeting no matter what. And here we are.

Every morning, without fail, the sun rises on a new day; our new day. Today is like no other. And with it there is light; our light. It too is unlike any other. The look of a new day is beyond our control, but the light of our day, every day, is within our grasp. Always. Light, bright or not, shines on all things. As does love. Love, for certain, is the brightest light of all and can only be made brighter by how it is lived. Love is a sunrise; magical and invigorating. Love is a mountain; steep and arduous. Love is a glorious greeting to the possibilities of a new day, every day, without fail. And here we are.

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